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I have known Bonnie and Teddi for 15 years. In that time I have worked with them on several different projects. They are conscientious workers and dedicated from the beginning to end of each project.  Their commitment to each project and the quality of their work is admirable.

Vicki H


Bonnie Rule has consistently proven herself to be a loyal and dedicated individual in the past 5 years that I have had the opportunity to work with her. I can honestly say that she is a person that leads by example with her work ethic and dedication and is a proven leader. She is able to communicate with a diverse group of people and be positive and friendly. There is no project or task that she cannot complete.  Bonnie is the definition of a go-getter. Choosing Bonnie to help you with your selling or buying real estate need is a wise decision  She is always professional, kind and supportive. She is a dynamic worker who will go the extra mile on all she sets out to do.

Jessica T


I have had (and continue to have) the distinct pleasure of working closely with Teddi Sutherland for several years. Teddi exhibits ongoing leadership, individual contributor and team centric strengths; she effortlessly establishes trusting relationships/partnerships with those she does business with, and employs a solid, reliable work ethic that never wavers. Her steadfast “can do” attitude, professionalism, and ability to produce quality results are exemplary. She’s simply a joy to work with! I can confidently recommend Teddi to drive successful work/project results, and consider it an honor and a pleasure to work with her on any project in which she invests her efforts.

Steve S


I have worked with Bonnie Rule for 12 years. She has been one of the most reliable and hard working people I have had the pleasure of working with.  There is no task too small or too large for her – she puts her all into everything she does and she is great at focusing until a job is complete.  Bonnie has a “can do” attitude and work ethic – nothing is impossible for her.  She is also a joy to be around – always positive and a great team player. I am confident that choosing Bonnie Rule for your real estate needs will prove to be one of the best choices you will make on this journey – she will be the RIGHT person to help you find the solution you are looking for whether its selling your home fast or finding the perfect home for you!!!

Kim D


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